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Hey so I've totally been neglecting this journal. Cosplaying has taken over my life but on the other hand lj isn't exactly the easiest place to organise and post photos, that's why I've been too lazy to post the photos here, there's just too many!

Anyway on top of everything else I'm moving to New Zealand to study so i've been a bit too busy between that and cosplaying to do much else.

I don't want to say I'm abandoning this LJ but i might save it for when i have something other than cosplay to post.
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Toooo many photos!!

I have way too many new cosplay photos to post, and not all of them are by me. Lots of photographers have come with us to events and such so it's very hard to organize and post everything... So maybe i will start posting links to my photobucket instead for some of these since I can't be bothered posting 120 something photos per event...

I will still post my own group's photos though, but maybe just chose a few and then link the rest too. So many pics i post are unedited and don't look so good. I'm way too lazy to repost everything though hehehe.

Capsule Event #15 - 11th December 2011

So, at this event my photo broke so most of the pictures were ruined. These are the pics that survived... Ok, so maybe a lot survived... but some of the best ones were ruined :( Aaaanyway there's a great Undertaker at this event, and Sora, and Gintama group, Panty etc. I hope someone checks this out at some point though I know no one really visits this journal... then again it's not like i joined a cosplay group and posted there where people would have access to it so it's really my own fault hehehe.


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Charity Cosplay Event for Flood Victims at Central World - 26 November 2011 - photos not taken by me

Ok, so I forgot to post these... These are from the Cosplay charity event on 26th November 2011 for victims of the flood. We went to this after the Vocaloid private shoot.

One again, I did not take these photos. These photos were taken by the awesome NiIjoU


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Flood of Bangkok November 2011 - Photography

Ok, so i should have posted this BEFORE now... before all my cosplay photos... I should have posted them while the water was still up since it might have been more useful that way but whatever... I'm posting these photos now.

These are the photos I took while I was evacuating my home on 2nd November 2011 during the flood. I left my home a few days after the water came. The water level increased very quickly... I'm very glad it's all over now.

[23] Flood of Bangkok - photos


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(Long Overdue) Private Vocaloid Cosplay - Akaito/Miku

Ok, so this private photo session was done on 26th November but I've been a bit preoccupied with getting my student visa and cosplaying that I haven't had time to post... but here it is, Vocaloid cosplay again, same outfit as last time but,this time with the wonderful talent of Nii as our photographer... Thank you so much Nii!!!

Akaito: Me
Miku: Rain Yee

Photography by NiIjoU .

[34] Vocaloid Cosplay Photos


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Evacuation Cosplay 2 - Bleach

Ok, here's the second set of my evacuation cosplay... Here I did a repeat of my Kuchiki Rukia in prisoner clothes... Hilton Pattaya is such a beautiful hotel. It's so great for cosplay... too bad my camera sucked.

I'd like to thank my mother, and Natalia for taking photos for me. I'm so glad I made so many friends during my short time in Pattaya.


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